Our Mission

Eliminate the struggle of finding the safest activities for you and your family! The Epic Reality app gives you an augmented reality view of and activity and the risk factor associated with it. Epic Reality enables you to be informed of the risks by using a risk score that uses an algorithm based on WHO guidelines.

finding the safest activities

Why is Epic Reality the perfect choice?

WHO based Augmented Reality mobile app

It fits in the palm of your hand. It is based on the parameters developed by the World Health Organization and expanded them to create a Covid ranking. A tool to see the world around you that shows you the risk factor and lets you make informed decisions.

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Evolves with your needs

The world is changing fast and we are changing with it. Let us know what you need to see in the app here and we will do our best to create it.

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Easy tool to discover things around you

Thanks to AR technology, ER can help you to discover activities, tours, and funny attractions, just by moving your phone around you while considering your safety conditions

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