About Us

Epic Reality’s success story is a fruit of labor.

The idea originated with an urging desire to create a safe environment for travelers to explore the world. What started out as a social networking travel platform in 2018 blossomed into an all-round travel guide designed to offer travelers, and locals alike, valuable, timely, and convenient travel-related content—all in one easy-to-use AR mobile application.

Epic Reality today is a one-stop-guide for users to explore unfamiliar cities and plan their travels diligently, safely, and in a timely manner. Travelers can explore their dream destination before heading there or even before packing.

Travelers can browse a wide range of travel activities, events, tourist spots, and other attractions—at a glance and on the go. Our vision was to build an indispensable travel mobile application that takes the stress and hassle out of planning, researching, and safety concerns when traveling to a new city.

Navigating new cities during COVID-19 pandemic

In times like these, the very thought of traveling and hopping on a plane is enough to give you an anxiety attack. We had to pivot and adjust our business model to adapt to the new reality and accommodate our product to provide a safe travel experience. For this reason, we introduced two key features: COVID-19 risk score, real-time activity updates.

COVID-19 risk score

Each venue, event, or activity is assigned with a risk score, auto-generated based on the listing’s safety and health regulations, in addition to other parameters, including seating capacity, foot traffic, and busy times.

Users will be able to view each premise, event, or venue’s safety and health measures in real-time, allowing them to know their risk before going.

Epic Reality AR technology

Epic Reality employs AR technology to confer users an innovative travel experience like no other. AR can help users navigate the city and find the best tourist spots, events, local restaurants, hotels, convention centers, as well as looking up information related to the activity.

Epic Reality: go-to guide for Dubai

Dubai can be a beautiful maze that one would happily get lost in. Epic Reality has the lowdown on the best of Dubai, catering to business and leisure travelers.

Behind the coding screen

Behind every great application, this is a fully-dedicated, forward-thinking team. Epic Reality is made up of a group of builders, game changers, and go-getters, working diligently to change how we travel the world.

When we started in 2012, our team wanted to revolutionize the way people travel. Shifting to the now, we’ve grown from a simple social networking travel platform to an essential AR travel application helping the modern-day traveler traverse the world safely and efficiently.

Ahmad Daneshvar and Daniel Ashtari are at the helm of Epic Reality team. Read more on our team, their skills, and expertise.