Rise and Shine to Dubai’s Best Breakfast Bites

Breakfast in Dubai

Sizzling omelet, the aroma of freshly-baked pastries, the whirring sound of coffee brewing…these are all sensory reminders of the most important meal of the day: Breakfast. 

And if breakfast is the most important meal of the day, then you are in the right city! 

Living in Dubai, it must have dawned on you that breakfast is mostly eclipsed by its extravagant, self-indulgent sibling: Dinner. 

While Dubai residents are grateful for the city’s abundant offering of Michelin-star restaurants, many have also realized that the presence of the eclectic variety of breakfast spots is a wake-up call to sample the best breakfast in town. 

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No matter how you like your eggs in the morning, you will find ethnically diverse breakfast meals—from the four corners of the globe—guaranteed to make you feel right at home. 

The following top picks of the best breakfast joints in Dubai will ensure you start the day off right—whether you are a get-up-and-go person or a breakfast-turned-into-brunch kind of person  

Zahr Al-Laymoun

Lebanese people have outdone themselves for creating diverse and tasty breakfast options that will surely wake you up on a delicious note. That should come as no surprise—we all know Lebanese people are renowned for their incredible zest for life and finer taste in food. 

Zahr El Laymoun is an exquisite take on healthy breakfast, with a strong penchant for natural ingredients, offering an extensive array of classic Lebanese breakfast sharing plates. You can’t go wrong with the Manakish Meat: topped with minced meat, onion, cucumber and served a side of yogurt dip. Come for the classic Lebanese breakfast, stay for the restaurant’s creative breakfast bites.    

Hadoota Masreya 

Located in Al Safa, Hadoota Masreya is all decked out with warm wooden paneling, chrome motifs, and bright, traditional lighting. Touted as the best Egyptian food in town by raving UAE food bloggers, the restaurant serves fresh salads, fried eggplants, and spicy Ta’ameya (Egyptian Felafel). Menu highlights include “Omda Breakfast” and “Feteer Meshaltet.” 


Leave it to the Ottomans to make your breakfast feel like a feast for the senses. Günaydın (breakfast in Turkish) is a well-known Turkish chain, with authentic ingredients coming from Turkey, offering the traditional Turkish breakfast menu, including Kaymak (Turkish clotted cream), honeycombs, jams, olives, Kasar cheese, and sucuk (Turkish spicy & fermented sausage). A staple on every Turkish breakfast menu—and a must-try—is the Menemen, a Turkish-style scrambled eggs mixed with tomato and pepper. You can have it with sucuk, if you like your eggs on the spicy side. 

La Serra  

We can’t round up the best breakfast bites in Dubai without mentioning French breakfast. Our toast is French, after all. Looking for a breezy breakfast? La Serra is a cafe-style French breakfast restaurant serving a wide range of pastries, and freshly-baked bread. The menu houses traditional French breakfast dishes like eggs Benedict or crêpe filled with Emmental cheese, smoked turkey ham, mushroom, and béchamel. 

The Breakfast Shop  

Wakey wakey eggs and bakey! American breakfast is a sumptuous affair that reflects the local culinary delights influenced by its diverse population. 

In rush to get to the office? The Breakfast Shop operates on a delivery-only basis—meaning you can get your American breakfast delivered to your office or home office. The breakfast set menu includes pancakes, two eggs, maple syrup, toasted bread, turkey bacon, and sausages. 

With the above picks of the best breakfast bites in Dubai, you’re off to a great start of the day. Now we know, you won’t ever skip breakfast again. 

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